Enrichment Courses

Play Technique provides Creative & Innovative enrichment courses to students with a hands-on and environmentally friendly approach. Course ranges from science-related, educational toy making to integration and the use of technology, from primary to university level. Courses are often customized to meet the requirements and objectives of our clients.

Science Related Courses

  • Understanding the fundamentals of Solid Liquid & Gases, Magnets, Lights, Basic Electricity and Simple Machines (Primary Level)
  • Understanding the Life-cycle of Silk Worms ( Primary to Secondary Level)

Educational Toy Making Courses

  • Making simple toy using the basic scientific principles with recycle materials (Primary to Secondary Level)
  • Using Gears and Motors to making racing robots and cars (Primary to Secondary Level)

Integration and the Use of Technology Courses

  • Understanding the fundamentals of electronics and soldering ( Secondary to Poly Level)
  • Integration of technology such as sound or object sensors etc to moving toy ( Secondary Level)
  • Consultation and integration of technologies into the Design & Technology Project (Secondary Level)

Cupboard Modeling Courses (New)

  • Understanding the fundamentals of modeling making from MOE subject, Design & Technology (Shape Borrowing) using cupboards.
  • Cupboard modeling course comes in a systematic teaching approach from dimensions taking, cupboard designing/cutting to cupboard assembly.
  • Courses will be customized and designed based on the schools’ or students’ requirements.
  • Courses will be able to incorporate with National Education using themes such as Renewable Energy, Saving the Earth, Saving Water and Promoting Singapore, etc.

Consultancy for Science and Technology related subject

We provide a range of consultancy services for science and technology subjects from Science subject in primary schools to Design & Technology subject in secondary schools and engineering modules or Final Year Projects in tertiary and university level. One of our company’s main policies will be providing only consultancy and advice to students and not to complete or make the projects for them.

Our consultancy services will includes:

  • Evaluating the ideas, making them feasible
  • Giving advices on making and creation of the idea
  • Recommendation and selling of materials , parts and technological gadgets for construction
  • Providing assistance for final touch ups on alignments and slight troubleshooting

Fabrications of learning and teaching aids

Being able to provide students will a better learning process, our company develops and manufacture learning and teaching aids for the educational system to cater for different subjects’ learning and requirements. We have collaborations with Singapore Science Centre and Ministry of Education, Singapore to develop teaching aids for the learning of Mathematics, Lights (science), Human Psychology and Electronics (Design & Technology).

Sales of educational materials and project construction parts

We supplies educational materials and project construction parts directly to schools and educational institutions in Singapore. Our products include scientific kit sets, learning and teaching aids, gears, motors, mechanisms, electronics components and circuits. Click here for more products.

Bags Manufacturing

Play Technique offers a one stop solution for customization of bags, from designing of the printings to manufacturing of the bags. This is made possible by having a manufacturing plant based in Shen Zhen, China. We are one of the exclusive manufacturers for bags for international brands like Adidas, Disney, The Body Shop and Baleno. Our company specializes in manufacturing non-woven bio-bags which are more environmental friendly than plastic or paper bags. Our core mission is to provide companies with high corporate images with reasonable pricings. Click here for more info on Bio-Bags!